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THE BLACK CROWES - Live Vol 1 & 2 Ltd Import 4LP set COLORED VINYL Gatefolds NEW

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Номер товара: 112260007873
Продавец: aliencowrecords (6708) 99.9% позитивных отзывов
Товар из: Kalamazoo, Michigan, US

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Краткое описание товара

THE BLACK CROWES - LIVE VOL 1 & 2 Limited Import 4LP Set on COLORED VINYL Gatefold Jackets New & Sealed! Tracks: 11Midnight From the Inside Out12Sting Me13Thick N Thin14Greasy Grass River15Sometimes Salvation16Cursed Diamond21Miracle To Me22Wiser Time23Girl From a Pawnshop24Cosmic Friend 11Black Moon Creeping12High Head Blues13Title Song14She Talks To Angels21Twice As Hard22Lickin'23Soul Singing24Hard To Handle25Remedy There are many options when it comes to shopping for vinyl records, and we want everyone to know why you should shop with us. PACKAGINGWe try our best to secure each record that leaves our hands, to arrive in the same condition to its new owner. Each record is wrapped tightly in A-fluted corrugated cardboard paper, which not only is more environmentally sound than bubble wrap, but offers more padding and protection for your records. It helps the vinyl fit more snug in the mailer, allowing NO ROOM for any shifting. Which in turn, helps prevent seam splits, bends and pushes. We reuse every box that comes through ourdoors and put them to good use. We personally cut 1” corner pieces from the recycled boxes to reinforce the corners on the outside of the record mailers. This is to assist in the protection of your vinyl in transit, as we know USPS isn’t widely known for handling so delicately at all times. We ship records that are in open and resealable poly sleeves outside of the jacket to prevent seam splits. If you purchase a sealed copy and would like us to open, and ship outside of the jacket, we will placeit in an open poly sleeve upon request. Please read some of our positive feedbacks on packaging to confirm our methods accuracy. We find our customers happy with the care that is considered when wrapping their records, and they keep coming back for more! SHIPPINGOur shipping is a flat rate $4.00/ media mail per 1 or 2xLP. Most 3LP and boxsets are calculated by weight and destination. Each additional purchased is $1. We ship in standard record mailers which are all marked “FRAGILE” and “DO NOT BEND”. If more than 2 LPs are purchased, we upgrade your package to a bigger box to accommodate the size and weight. If you wish to receive your vinyl in a more timely manner, please contact us to setup for priority. For Priority shipping, it is calculated by weight and destination, so prices vary. For international shipping, cost is calculated to destination and packages are wrapped the same way, and then double boxed. Depending on weight, under 4 pounds is sent USPS First Class/Priority International, over 4 pounds is USPS Priority International. If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We will get back to you within the 24 hours. We pride on doing things right, and work hard for a 100% positive feedback. We will always try to remedy any issues that may rise. So please contact us for resolve before opening cases and leaving negative feedback. We stand by our product and want our customers to be satisfied. We appreciate you considering Revival Retro & Records as your source for vinyl.Check back often, as stock is always changing, and new things are getting added. Look for us on Facebook, and keep up with upcoming sales and new stock. Find me on Twitter as well @Dani_Nicole_Pel -Danielle & Nathan Pelletier Revival Retro & Records

Детальное описание товара


Limited Import 4LP Set on COLORED VINYL

Gatefold Jackets

New & Sealed!


1 1 Midnight From the Inside Out
1 2 Sting Me
1 3 Thick N Thin
1 4 Greasy Grass River
1 5 Sometimes Salvation
1 6 Cursed Diamond
2 1 Miracle To Me
2 2 Wiser Time
2 3 Girl From a Pawnshop
2 4 Cosmic Friend

1 1 Black Moon Creeping
1 2 High Head Blues
1 3 Title Song
1 4 She Talks To Angels
2 1 Twice As Hard
2 2 Lickin'
2 3 Soul Singing
2 4 Hard To Handle
2 5 Remedy

There are many options when it comes to shopping for vinyl records, and we want everyone to know why you 

should shop with us. 



We try our best to secure each record that leaves our hands, to arrive in the same condition to its new owner. Each record is 

wrapped tightly in A-fluted corrugated cardboard paper, which not only is more environmentally sound than bubble wrap, 

but offers more padding and protection for your records. It helps the vinyl fit more snug in the mailer, allowing NO ROOM 

for any shifting. Which in turn, helps prevent seam splits, bends and pushes. We reuse every box that comes through our

doors and put them to good use. We personally cut 1” corner pieces from the recycled boxes to reinforce the corners on 

the outside of the record mailers. This is to assist in the protection of your vinyl in transit, as we know USPS isn’t widely 

known for handling so delicately at all times. We ship records that are in open and resealable poly sleeves outside of the jacket

 to prevent seam splits. If you purchase a sealed copy and would like us to open, and ship outside of the jacket, we will place

it in an open poly sleeve upon request.  Please read some of our positive feedbacks on packaging to confirm our methods accuracy. 

We find our customers happy with the care that is considered when wrapping their records, and they keep coming back for more! 


Our shipping is a flat rate $4.00/ media mail per 1 or 2xLP. Most 3LP and boxsets are calculated by weight and destination. 

Each additional purchased is $1. We ship in standard record mailers which are all marked “FRAGILE” and “DO NOT BEND”. 

If more than 2 LPs are purchased, we upgrade your package to a bigger box to accommodate the size and weight. If you wish 

to receive your vinyl in a more timely manner, please contact us to setup for priority. For Priority shipping, it is calculated 

by weight and destination, so prices vary. 

For international shipping, cost is calculated to destination and packages are wrapped the same way, and then double boxed. 

Depending on weight, under 4 pounds is sent USPS First Class/Priority International, over 4 pounds is USPS Priority International. 


If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We will get  back to you within the 24 hours. We pride on doing 

things right, and work hard for a 100% positive feedback. We will always try to remedy any issues that may rise. So please 

contact us for resolve before opening cases and leaving negative feedback. We stand by our product and want our customers 

to be satisfied. We appreciate you considering Revival Retro & Records as your source for vinyl.

Check back often, as stock is always changing, and new things are getting added. 

Look for us on Facebook, and keep up with upcoming sales and new stock. 

Find me on Twitter as well @Dani_Nicole_Pel 

-Danielle & Nathan Pelletier 

Revival Retro & Records 

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